Thursday, April 01, 2010


 Yesterday saw TEEN PATTI..I had exam when it was released in our multiplex there in Mysore...But i had decided that i should watch the movie..Don't know why ,maybe i was so impressed by Mr.BACCHAN'S acting in the trailer i saw,the urge to watch this movie was rising in me...Finally yesterday was the day..i saw the movie and i must say i was completely disappointed..
                                  Mr.Bacchan's acting was superb as usual..But all other actors i really felt crying about the way movie was taking me...All the new actors amused me..Didnt know whether they were crying or laughing..R.Madhavan's acting was average as his role was not well defined..I had read in newspaper that Teen Patti was inspired from '21'..Ma expectations from the film grew like never before and alas!!!!!!! I was lost..
                                 Ben Kingsley has a decent role in the film being a magician turned into a mathematician and Mr.Bacchan a maths professor Prof.Venkat Subramaniam (don't know how the director thought of casting Mr.Bacchan as a South Indian ..Only God knows)...Madhavan being a Bengali professor Shantanu and other 4 new actors Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Kher, Dhruv Ganesh, Vaibhav Talwar as students(they are doing everything in the film except studies...)
                           The story is very simple...Amitabh Bacchan was always ridiculed and all the papers he submitted on research was rejected by his college authorities and he was considered to be a mad professor..he found a theory on probability one day and he wanted to experiment it on he asked Madhavan to get him 3 other students..They start experimenting the theory in (teen patti) a local gambling centre disguised and they get trapped in this game...The greed for money increases in everyone except Bacchan and  he starts getting calls from a black mailer asking for a share in every game they play..Meanwhile another student joins them ..And he takes them to a royal casino where they start earning in crores at the same time each of them lose their individuality and Amitabh keep  on saying that its just an experiment and life is not a bloody game..and then 1 guy backstabbs them joins the black mailer and finally he suicides..then Madhavan also confesses that he was also involved in the black mailing gang as he needed more money..Amitabh resigns from the college and is invited by Ben Kingsley and he is given the prestigious ISSAC NEWTON AWARD for the year for the research he did..Amitabh says that though he is grateful for being honored with this award he is ashamed for the suicide of his student and gives back the award..But CAMBRIDGE university didn't receive back the award and gives it back to him..and finally Madhavan and other actors come and say that they had stolen the paper on which Amitabh did research on and had sent it to Ben Kingsley and

                        tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ THE END...
                          WAH WAH what a story???????????????????

            ma situation after seeing the movie was like this song in this film.......

thoda thoda sawaab hai, thoda thoda gunaah hai............
fitrat yeh teri na khuli kitaab hai
teri neeyat kharaab hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaane kya jaane kya hai kahaani yeh toh bata
kis pe najar hai kisaki fikar hai, yeh toh bata
haan fitrat yeh teri na khuli kitaab hai
teri neeyat kharaab hai, kharaab hai, kharaab hai....

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