Friday, April 30, 2010


Tadaaaaaaaaa am back...Feeling so romantic today..So is listening to the tracks "jaanemann" and "jao naa" from Radio and Whats ur Rashee resp..Thank god!!Himesh Reshamiyya has sung the song with his throat atlast...:P:P..Good number!!!Am back after so many days..So much to share..I can feel the posts and topics reaching up ma throat struggling to come out :):)...What have I been doing these days ?busy?bad mood?naa..I was..aah..I dont know...Well I went through a series of dialogues from "A Stranger in the Mirror" like.....

'Hey, Lou, ain't you ashamed of yourself ?You're turning into a bum.Why dont you go out and get urslf a job?"
'I  got a job.'
'What kind of job?'
'Looking for a work.'
'You call that a job?'
'Certainly.It keeps me busy all day,I got regular hours,and I'm home in time for dinner every night'

:) :) :) :P :P :P


Sorcerer said...

haha.nice..thats how we should see life.not too personal and not too serious

"When life gives you lemon.bring out the vodka"-Sorcerer on life

sangita said...

@Sorcerer: hehe ..yup..

Jidhu Jose said...

first visit and like it

sangita said...

@Jidhu: thanks and cheers :):)