Friday, April 30, 2010

WHO LET THE DOGS OUT??kiya spcl!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the different faces that ma KIYA made when he was disturbed by, who else? Me from his sleep!!!!!!!!..check out...

Below he is giving me looks like WHO LET THE DOGS OUT ?????


I felt that KIYA had a blurred vision as he woke i gave ma spects to himm..:):)

Ma KIYA  went for his nap again...
These cats!!!! They sleep for 18 hours a day,I suggest they should take some rest!!!!!!!!!:):):)


Tadaaaaaaaaa am back...Feeling so romantic today..So is listening to the tracks "jaanemann" and "jao naa" from Radio and Whats ur Rashee resp..Thank god!!Himesh Reshamiyya has sung the song with his throat atlast...:P:P..Good number!!!Am back after so many days..So much to share..I can feel the posts and topics reaching up ma throat struggling to come out :):)...What have I been doing these days ?busy?bad mood?naa..I was..aah..I dont know...Well I went through a series of dialogues from "A Stranger in the Mirror" like.....

'Hey, Lou, ain't you ashamed of yourself ?You're turning into a bum.Why dont you go out and get urslf a job?"
'I  got a job.'
'What kind of job?'
'Looking for a work.'
'You call that a job?'
'Certainly.It keeps me busy all day,I got regular hours,and I'm home in time for dinner every night'

:) :) :) :P :P :P

Friday, April 23, 2010


Marriage Marriage everywhere.!!!!!You wake up in the morning just to hear that some one is going to get married or engaged..Guys are marrying at 25-26 and gals at 28-29..I loved this twist though..Every Tom Dick and Harry is getting married these days and I see them out with their marriage invitations..Ma family is so excited about my marriage that these type of news thrills them like anything..God..And the frustrations also..I was searching for SUNIL SHETTY'S  wall papers one fine afternoon and ma amma's cousin had come to see our family after a marriage..And the they talked about me and she came to ma room..She saw the the wall paper i was watching and asked me"is this guy from Kerala Matrimony?the guy is nice. I think you should marry him.." HAHAHA..I laughed like hell then...Even she wants me to pray like  "heyy bhagwan! mera number kabb aayega?''..
           I remember a guy who had a 'oh so great' crush on me right from my  7th standard.He appeared more like a gangster to me rather  than a guy in 12th standard.He was more of a female Casanova.. and I did really hate such guys...So he was always in ma hate list inspite of his deep love..Ma frens who were die hard fans of his as he ride bikes so well and in style, kept updating me about his day to day activities..It would be obviously like one girl proposed to him,he rejected,girl two cut her nerve for him ,girl three  ran away from home for him and many more..After ma 12th I got rescued from his romantic 'net' as gals flocked for him..During ma college days whenever I see him while I wait 4 ma college bus he would exhibit his show off and biker talents just like a clown in a circus...By the time I finished college I heard that he was in deep love with a gal.I prayed for him.At last he is saved I thought..PEACE!!!!!!!But no!He was again after gals or gals were after him,i don't have any idea..As soon as ma college finished, I heard ma mom telling me "u know dat guy  ran away with a gal and got married yesterday"OH THANK GOD!!!!PEACE AGAIN..At last he is settled.How long would he run after gals like this ???
                 After i came back home from Mysore,i heard about him again..Now he has become a dad!WOW..dat was a great news...I thought about all  ma school days and laughed...Okies..Now to the present scenario...
         There is a friend of mine who is elder 2me..So whenever  marriage talks arises in our chit chat sessions, she was the one who used to say  "I will get married first cos am d big sis here "...And the most interesting case is that except her, all other gals started getting married and I laugh at her for this often..and I tease her like "See small gals are getting married..and just see where u are,still single and ready to mingle" which she replies "U knw what?Marriage is decided by fate or destiny"..when I hear her say that I feel like am listening to a sanyasini and ma quick reply would be "oh shut up yaar"
I called ma friend now and she screamed through the phone
she: "heyy did u know that gita(name changed) is getting married ?"
me:OMG GITA!!!!! dat AMUL BABY of our class??She is getting married ??to whom ?
she:a guy of course..saw his snap..he s ok..and he deserves a much better gal than her..he s sort a handsome..
me:hahahaha!!!!!!nice thought..see even she is getting married and what abt u jaanemann ?still waiting for your dream boy ?"
she:if the guy likes me I won't like him,if both I and the guy like each other the horoscopes doesn't match..yaar am getting mad..i don't want to get married"
me: "yaar listen don't worry ...finally.i think .ummm..huh.. i think marriage is decided by fate or destiny "........
she:what the hell??U 2 BRUTUS????
i laughed as she kept asking me questions over and over again...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Procrastination..the word that I have loved all ma life and the one hated by my Amma..I used to procrastinate everything right from my school days and the same funda goes on and now it has reached to ma blogging also..There were many bright and top notch classmates of mine whom I have seen completing homeworks and assignments by the end of the day itself..I used to pity on them and  advise them in ma mind like "CMON MAN GET  A LIFE!!!!!! THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!"..This is ma list here..

1.I had decided that i would learn FRENCH online (NO NO not dat you meant naughty mind ; its FRENCH LANGUAGE)..
2.I had decided that i would finish reading "A Stranger in The Mirror " and "Memories of Midnight"
3.I had decided that i would do yoga or workout.

None of the three has transformed into action yet ...Hopes are still awake i guess ..


When do a person  realize that he/she is very beautiful/handsome??When they have a nice haircut?When they get a facial done?When they dress up?when they feel happy?When they have good food and drinks?When they hang out?I think my case is very different..I feel so beautiful when i wake up  every time; be it morning or noon or night..The moment i wake up and see me in mirror i feel so happy,so beautiful..Its like all the  bad things have been washed away from me ..I feel like a beautiful and gentle soul......I feel like a lamb :) :)...I kiss in the virtual image of mine in the mirror and I say to myself  "heyy gorgeous you are the most beautiful woman in this world, I  LOV UUUUUUU" and I give loads of mwahmwahs in my image (many a times my dad and mom have seen this and they might have thought that I have turned into a lesbo :P :P ) and then I pull ma bubbly cheeks,make faces and say "googly woogly woosh " :)  :)  :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


When i was young i was more often exposed to this "Honesty is the Best Policy".Now as i have grown up i hear the same saying with a twist."Dishonesty is the Second Best Policy"
"Straight trees are cut first always "
So there is nothing wrong in being dishonest for a while...
Which to follow??


I think April is marching  fast or  is my life moving in slow pace??I can think of only April 1st when i turn back and tadaa its April 19th..great great...

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.....


I am back..Rains have started here and ma laziness too..I was a busy bee he he..If u could hear the "bey bey" and "cokarakokooooooooooooo"s now all of a sudden , its from no where else,its from ma tummy..cos am back from ma colleague's Bro's wedding party..:P :P...i dwelled into the non veg i guess i could sleep hearing to these bey beys and cokarakoko's 2nit.. :) :) :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

COURTESY: Devangelic


I had written a post 'losing someone' on April 11th 2010 on how I did hurt a person and how it affected me..Some days later I received a response from a gud hearted person and I would like to share it here ...

Hey dear... Want to tell u something... don feel bad o mistake me k... just that try 2 speak to that Mr. X f your post losing some1 in your blog... Never give up easily dear... don’t let people depart so easily… I don know whose fault dear and if u have hurt d person m sure u wouldn’t have done anything intentionally. I don know what happened... so in case I hurt u thru this mail m really sorry dear...
I m telling u this because yesterday I was thinking f ma past and present ma friends and relations.... And I don wan u 2 b in my present position anytime dear…
If u feel bad or get hurt den am extremely very sorry dear...
And no negative thoughts dear... I know it hurts 4 d time being and such thots r common. Still try not to have such thoughts dear… else u might land up in my position. Which I don wan dear.
M sorry.. Tellin u dis as a frnd , well wisher.. Bura mat manio behna.. Agar bura laga hai toh maaf kardio.. apna khyal rakhio.. bye dear.. tk kre.. loads f gd wishes 2 u.. hv a gr8 day


Monday, April 12, 2010


As a Keralite 'veshti mundu'(dhoti) has been my weakness since childhood..It brings some sort of charisma or charm to the person wearing it...A true malayali touch i could say..

Mr.Amitabh Bacchan was in the news recently as he was supposed to be  the  "Brand Ambassador of Kerala Tourism" and later was rejected..Political issues played a major role in this and I read that He was truly disappointed in such a shame and disgrace he received from Kerala..As a Keralite and as an individual I felt ashamed for such an act.Some stupids do everything in the name of politics..Kerals is known as "GODS OWN COUNTRY" and how the hell its suits with their behavior towards such a great personality?DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I happened to read one of Mr.Amitabh's posts.I was truly amazed as i saw Mr.Amitabh in 'mundu'..and his thoughts on 'mundu' made me laugh for a while..

"The ‘dhoti’ in all its pristine glamour, tied up around the waist by shear will power and some dexterous use of the stomach muscle, else it slips down and opens up !! It is just a piece of cloth, no buttons, no belts, no clips nothing. Simple elegant convenient and with its own characteristic charm and above all - air conditioned at all times !! The fall of the main design as a strip down the front to be positioned on the right hip and just around the right knee. Rules of culture.."

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I don't have any idea why I am a loser in maintaining relationships..I am very good in starting one but I fail to maintain it..I cant find the answers for that.Really feeling angry at myself..Don't know why my tears are laughing at me now..May be even they are used to it..Why i am like this?Why i am born just to make people hurt?Why?I cant see my dear ones hurt cos of me..But today i hurt someone so bad..So bad..huh..hmm..

I always try to take a relation forward in every way i can..But something or the other comes in and duh it fails..I hurt them directly or indirectly..And i lose them..Either they leave me or they are forced to do so in some way cos of me..And i lost a very good person in ma life today forever..A very good human being..I lost a good friend..A great companion..And it hurts a lot...I feel like am lost..Am again a dumba** in my life..But why??

Every time i try not to hurt a person, in the end it results in just hurting that person and the end of the relationship and nothing else....

Praying that you find all happiness and success in your life.. Forgive me if you can...These lines from HURT are for you..

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hole
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

What have I become

My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt ...

Friday, April 09, 2010


Tadaa..Am again sleepless..Lik a stupid(as always) am now staring at ma thinking about ma beliefs now(at this point of time i wonder why)...

Am i pessimestically optimistic?

Am i optimistically pessimistic?

God knows..pls i need some sleep..



I found these beautiful snaps in ma friend's collection from her recent trip to Kukke Subramanya...Indeed happy feet...

 But I love your feet
only because they walked
upon the earth and upon
the wind and upon the waters,
until they found me. 
                                     Pablo Neruda

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


When ever ma dad's friends ask him 4 a drink like "what will you have?'' ... i have heard him saying "nothing,kuch nahi"...Recently i understood kucch nahi has got a different meaning to it..

Sunday, April 04, 2010


There arent many blogs that i explored ..First one was Mr.Balachandran V's 'My Travels My Life'...I never tried to see his profile though I read his posts ...Yesterday i read his blog..and i was surprised to see his photo..At first I thought it was HULK HOGAN as i saw his moustache and his face..Then i maximized his profile photo and realised that it was not ma hulk hogan ..(sorry sir it was out of ma so called foolishness ..please no offense on this )


 Another sunday..i woke up at 8.45 ..I could hear mom an dad shouting ma name.."Anu get up its 7.30,its 8.00,its 8.30.."..I slept very late yesterday..Eventhough i wanted to wake up ma eyes refused to..I felt something heavy is placed over ma eyes..
                                           I got up and wondered what to do..went to kitchen..told mom "amma i didn't feel like sleeping yesterday night..slept only after 2 "....i brushed..By d time i settled in front of ma PC ma family was ready for breakfast ..I was not feeling hungry..So dey had breakfast.....I put on ma sajdaa and dil tho bachha hei ji.......................Now listening to it..i love d lines....

Dil to bachcha hai ji
Dil to bachcha hai ji
Thoda kaccha hai ji
Haan dil to baccha hai ji

By d time i listened to these lines came my mom's comment.."Who said you are a baccha???You are 23..Do some household work..Tomorrow you are gonna get married,go to someone else's house and have to work there.."(i have heard this dialogue at least 456 times in ma life so far  )........Oh am i ?U had tol me dat i was only 22..Oh..Ma 23 is running..Run 23 Run....
                       "dil tho baccha hei ji
                          Dil to bachcha hai ji
                         Thoda kaccha hai ji
                         Haan dil to baccha hai ji"............


Recently i got a friend...A very good friend i could say...We discuss about all our favourites..The most favourite of  ours is the funda of life...I was so fond of the funda he is following.Wish to share it here .

More or else like to be alone & with less social activities to get involved too..with few bunch of good friends, I share all my good & bad times in my life.....
It may be dat, I am praising myself...But d fact is d person who meet me once, never forgets me in his entire life.....
Coz my secret in life...I am always there, when my friends needed me the most...i.e in their bad times.....
Neither I am an apostle, nor a smug....
But truly a simple, humble guy, who believes Do good to everyone without expecting much.........
coz."Some fragrances always cling to d hands of those who distribute roses"
In short Secret of Happiness is
" Forget your own Sadness by creating a little happiness for others coz when ur good 2 others, ur best to urself..."

         Godbless dear... Really loved your thoughts...


These days i go to bed vey early though i dont feel sleepy..Dad has been very careful about ma eye that he wants me to be in bed by 10..As usual i didnt feel sleepy even tonight and here i am infront of ma pc writing every thing that ma stupid brain is telling...

        As i was trying to sleep i thought of ma colleague whose mail i got recently which gave me a real shock..I know that he faces problems in his personal as well as professional life..He always used to tell me that he is laughing just because he wanted to make people believe that he is happy,but actually he is not...I used to get angry at his weird so called thoughts that i always used to ask him "why do you live 4 d sake of others?at the end of the day its ur life..Live it to the fullest"

          Day before yesterday i received a mail from him saying "u know i have such and such problems ...I am leaving you .. I know you have the guts to face this world ,but i dont have ..Hope you understand me.I dont expect reply for this..Goodbye..."

            GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.....I got angry..What did i do?Next day i see that he has removed me from his friends list...I replied to him like "Whatever decision you have taken stand by it..I have no regrets ..gud life"..

Ajeeb duniya hei...110 % Ajeeb....Bohat Confusion Hei....

Friday, April 02, 2010


I used to hear about the cancellation of marriages due to many reasons these days..Even i can say i am a victim of that though ma engagement was not fixed..Sania Mirza could be quoted as an example..I admire her boldness and guts where she declared she doesn't want to get married to Mohd Zohrab Mirza..To be frank i am so fed up of these news related to marriages...
                                              I was checking ma mails today that one of mails drew ma attention..At first i thought it would be 4 fun..Then as i opened that mail i knew how important that mail was to me..  A 26-year-old Chinese man Zhuang Huagui has married his dead girlfriend Hu Zhao, 21, The couple originally planned to get married on February 4, but on January 28, one week before their wedding, the girl was stabbed to death by two break-in thieves. With all the pain, lost and love, the man still decided to marry his dead girlfriend.....(Ma heart stopped for a minute or so then i regained ma breathe...This happened in this century??I can't believe...)
Their wedding ceremony was held at a funeral parlor in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, and family from both sides witnessed their wedding. The bride was dressed with beautiful wedding gown and lying in a crystal coffin.

      The groom gave wedding ring to   his dead wife..........

Zhuang Huagui held his wife’s
wedding photo in front of the funeral parlor to welcome the guests for coming to the wedding.
                                   How can anyone forget this man???

There are certain phases in our life where silence speaks more than words...
In this century where marriages are broken due to small misunderstandings and girl/boy friends are changed like clothes.....i am speechless...


Ma heart feels pain today a lot...I knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone..let me name that person Mr.I...Am really sorry dear i didn't mean to hurt you in anyway ..And i don't know what to say..SORRY..

Thursday, April 01, 2010


 Yesterday saw TEEN PATTI..I had exam when it was released in our multiplex there in Mysore...But i had decided that i should watch the movie..Don't know why ,maybe i was so impressed by Mr.BACCHAN'S acting in the trailer i saw,the urge to watch this movie was rising in me...Finally yesterday was the day..i saw the movie and i must say i was completely disappointed..
                                  Mr.Bacchan's acting was superb as usual..But all other actors i really felt crying about the way movie was taking me...All the new actors amused me..Didnt know whether they were crying or laughing..R.Madhavan's acting was average as his role was not well defined..I had read in newspaper that Teen Patti was inspired from '21'..Ma expectations from the film grew like never before and alas!!!!!!! I was lost..
                                 Ben Kingsley has a decent role in the film being a magician turned into a mathematician and Mr.Bacchan a maths professor Prof.Venkat Subramaniam (don't know how the director thought of casting Mr.Bacchan as a South Indian ..Only God knows)...Madhavan being a Bengali professor Shantanu and other 4 new actors Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Kher, Dhruv Ganesh, Vaibhav Talwar as students(they are doing everything in the film except studies...)
                           The story is very simple...Amitabh Bacchan was always ridiculed and all the papers he submitted on research was rejected by his college authorities and he was considered to be a mad professor..he found a theory on probability one day and he wanted to experiment it on he asked Madhavan to get him 3 other students..They start experimenting the theory in (teen patti) a local gambling centre disguised and they get trapped in this game...The greed for money increases in everyone except Bacchan and  he starts getting calls from a black mailer asking for a share in every game they play..Meanwhile another student joins them ..And he takes them to a royal casino where they start earning in crores at the same time each of them lose their individuality and Amitabh keep  on saying that its just an experiment and life is not a bloody game..and then 1 guy backstabbs them joins the black mailer and finally he suicides..then Madhavan also confesses that he was also involved in the black mailing gang as he needed more money..Amitabh resigns from the college and is invited by Ben Kingsley and he is given the prestigious ISSAC NEWTON AWARD for the year for the research he did..Amitabh says that though he is grateful for being honored with this award he is ashamed for the suicide of his student and gives back the award..But CAMBRIDGE university didn't receive back the award and gives it back to him..and finally Madhavan and other actors come and say that they had stolen the paper on which Amitabh did research on and had sent it to Ben Kingsley and

                        tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ THE END...
                          WAH WAH what a story???????????????????

            ma situation after seeing the movie was like this song in this film.......

thoda thoda sawaab hai, thoda thoda gunaah hai............
fitrat yeh teri na khuli kitaab hai
teri neeyat kharaab hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaane kya jaane kya hai kahaani yeh toh bata
kis pe najar hai kisaki fikar hai, yeh toh bata
haan fitrat yeh teri na khuli kitaab hai
teri neeyat kharaab hai, kharaab hai, kharaab hai....


Hearing to Madonna's Frozen there are a lot of things i could think of..I have never been a fan or even a regular listener of her .But don't know why some tracks of her really affected me..May be the lyrics are haunting me.
You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be????
You're frozen
When your heart's not open!!!!!!!!!!

You're so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You're broken!
When your heart's not open!!!!!!!!!!!

  if I could melt your heart
  we'd never be apart
  give yourself to me
  you hold the key

Now there's no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose you
My heart will be broken

Love is a bird, she needs to fly
Let all the hurt inside of you die
You're frozen
When your heart's not open

If I could melt your heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!