Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We had a dog in our house named Bruto..As the name indicates it was brutal and its end was also brutal..He was a BLACK ITALIAN BREED...i dont remember its face now though i remeber the pranks it did with the ball and bat day it hung itself in the chain in its neck and bruto is no more in our life..
                   Mom decided that we wont have any dogs as we cant bear the pain of losing it..So no pets 4 a while..after a few days a very beautiful cat came and white..very snowy kind of cat..Mom named it "CHINNU"...Chinnu gave birth to 2 kittens one of which was disappeared(dont know how )..The other one grew in our always cried "pee paa" i named it "paappi"...paappi like bruto was blacky...with green eyes...
paappi was our darling..he used to catch sparrows and squirrels kill them and used to play with them..i hated paappi 4 only that..after i left to mysore whenever i used to call home i used to ask about day mom called me and said that paappi was never returned back to us..dont know what happened..i miss u paappi...u have been ma best fighter friend...bhaabhi said that it might have gone 4 brahmacharyam..(like cat sanyasi)...

                    happy news..chinnu again gave birth to two lovely am jobless thse days i play with them..i have named them MIYA and KIYA as these are the only sounds they produce..they sleep 18 hours a day ...


Climate here is unbearable..temperature goes up to 40-41degree Celsius.Dark clouds fill the sky in the evening..So we hope 2 get rain..The sky remains dark till 7 p.m and again the atmosphere gets heated up..Its hot hotter and hottest !!!!!!!!!!!!!I have captured some images of the evening sky (the camera was not properly set the time n date  might  confuse )..

Monday, March 29, 2010


What is beauty for a woman,a girl?physical beauty?beauty of mind?Beauty has  often been  misinterpreted only as beauty of physique or outer beauty  of a woman..

                                   I was in the block number 56 first floor in Mysore DC.There was ma block mate in the second floor..I used to go to her room often..One day as usual as i was coming back from her room i saw  a figure clad in shawl or chunni passing by.As i was new to the block i didn't mind that .Two days later again i happened to see that girl again..It was around 6.30 in the evening..I was returning to ma room..Suddenly i saw a pink churidar infront of me..i saw  her face...OMG..I was taken  aback...I couldnt believe ma eyes...I saw a disfigured face with flesh grafted here and there on the face..I was frightened..Seeing me frightened that girl moved fast away from me and disappeared into the room nearby..

                           I thought about that face that whole night..But didnt discuss it with anyone...That day passed by..One noon as we friends were having lunch one of ma friends talked about a girl from Andhra Pradesh whose story was discussed to her by her roomie..Her face was burnt with acid and there were cases based on that..As we were having lunch we decided not to discuss that then...

                             I had been given ma terminal number and ma PC number..I went and sat infront of ma alloted PC...There were guys from Orissa,West Bengal,Tamil Nadu ..I met all of them..Suddenly ma eyes got stuck onto a girl sitting in the next terminal..It was the same girl...She had put her chunni over her head and was hiding from everyone...I felt strange...As days passed i came to know her real story...One day she came to me holding a newspaper in her hand..I was so curious that i took it and started reading it..I couldnt believe ma eyes..It was an article about herself..As i read down "girl with grit",ma hands began to shiver,i felt cold,i couldn't breathe and tears rolled down ma cheeks..It is as follows..

                         She is Pranitha from Andhra Pradesh...In her sixth semester as she was coming back from college with her friend in the pillion seat on scooty,two guys on a bike came infront of her..She thought those guys were making fun of she took her helmet out to shout at those guys,the guys poured something on her and her friend..Before she could knew anything she felt her skin burning and she saw her friend burning down as they had poured "acid" on them..She could feel the killing pain of the acid piercing her body it burnt her right leg and she and her friend was rushed to the hospital where on december 31st her friend breathed her last as she was seriously burnt and Pranitha was given several skin graftings and layerings by the doctors there..She underwent hell lots of pain during those days...

                                She requested her university authorities to grant permission to write exams from hospital itself..but it was rejected..she with the support of her family wrote her exams..She has lost her right ear and burnt whole of her right chin,neck and lost most of her hair...Graftings and skin layering gave her a new face...a new life...Inspite of all these hard times she completed her graduation with good score.She says in that article "i was a beautiful girl before..but now am feeling much more beautiful with a new face and a new mind.I am treated and seen like a film actor now, i am a girl with grit"..

                                    I dont have any idea how i finished reading that article ..I found it difficult to hide ma i saw her face she was smiling..I  felt proud of her instead of feeling sympathetic towards her..She has no face of her own..yet she faces the world with her own smile,...I went to her and completed ma words "you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in ma life after ma mom "..Tears rolled down ma cheeks even then....


I feel very much happy when i see the puppies in ma blog whenever i open ma blog..cho chweet and cute puppies..mwahmwah to all ma puppies ....


Marriage is in the air.....Everywhere i turn around i hear people asking "is proposal coming for sangeetha?"and ma mom speak out with her head high "yes ..she is after all 22"...the wonderful aspect in this whole thing is the great horoscopes..though i dont have any beleif in those papers...
what are horoscopes??2 b frank i hate all the astrologers..i don't have any idea why ma parents are after them like gods?if astrologers could predict everything then why do we believe in god??there was a friend of mine and we became good friends though we didn't have any sort of contacts..1 afternoon i was surprised when ma parents asked if I liked him showing his matrimonial profile..... The astrologer prediction was that our horoscopes were not matching.and later he said its matching perfectly...I really got angry can he predict things even when he himself is not sure what will happen to him 2mrw?? i pray that he gets a very good gal as his bride... the song that am listening to is apt for ma situation now....

Orey manva tu to bavra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai bavre
Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Jo barse sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
(Nainon ko moond moond)
Jo barse sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Kaise main chaloon, dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raastein


i always used to download and watch movies...1ce i got into INFY i and ma friends used to go and watch movies in the multiplex there..thus i got 2 c my name is khan....i had received many stories regarding its story..
                              but i was so moved by the story..of course there was the so called BADSHAH TOUCH in all the wits and thrills,...there were some dialogues that got ma ears and heart stuck...
maa zaroor tumhe maaf karenge kyunki woh ek maa hei..(ma eyes watered as i heard kajol saying this dialogue and i missed ma mom alot then..and ma friend saw ma crying and i found it a hard time to hide ma tears from him )

duniya ajeeb hei mandira jitna samjne ki koshihsh karta hoon utne hi kamm samaj mein aati hei..

Even i felt the same..this world is very different..very difficult to understand mom used to say whenever you face a situation especially an uncomfortable one with anyone just have a look at your fingers and c even they are not the can you expect others to be alike even when your own 5 fingers are all different?
iss duniya mein sirf do kisse ki insaan hote hein..acche aur bure..acche insaan jo hei jo hamesha accha karta hei aur bure bura Sirf yahi farq hei insaano mein aur koi nahi ...

"The God Is One. We Call Him By Different Names". All religions represent truth...This is the message of the movie...i wish there were many RIZVAN KHAN in this world especially when our india is facing terrorism and racial discriminations...i feel hungry for the depth of these lines and i pray for our INDIA

Noor E Khuda....

Ajnabi mod hai,
Khauf har aur hai,
Har nazar pe dhuan chha gaya

Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya

Aasman zard hai

Aahein bhi sard hai,
Tan se saaya juda ho gaya
Pal bhar mein jaane kya kho gaya

Saans ruk si gayi

Jism chhil sa gaya
Toote khwabon ke manzar pe
Tera jahan chal diya

Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda

tu kahan chhupa hai humein yeh bata
Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda

yun naa humse nazarein phira.
Noor E Khuda ..

Nazar-e-karam farma hi de

Deen-o-dharam ko jaga hi de
Jalti hui tanhaiyaan

Roothi hui parchhaiyaan
Kaisi udi yeh hawa
Chhaya yeh kaisa sama
Ruh jam si gai
Waqt tham sa gaya

Toote khwabon ke manzar pe
Tera jahan chal diya

Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda

Tu kahan chhupa hai humein yeh bata
Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda
Yun naa humse nazarein firaa.
Noor E Khuda ..

Ujhde se lamhon ko aas teri,
Zakhmi dilon ko hai pyaas teri
Har dhadkan ko talaash teri,
Tera milta nahi hai pata,

Khaali aankhein khud se sawaal karein,

Aman ki cheekh behaal karein,
Behta lahoo fariyaad karein,
Tera mit ta chala hai nishaan,

ruh jam si gai
waqt tham sa gaya

Toote khwabon ke manzar pe
Tera jahan chal diya

Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda
tu kahan chhupa hai humein yeh bata
Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda
yun naa humse nazarein firaa.
Noor E Khuda ..

Noor E Khuda Noor E Khuda
aaj kal tu kahan hai yeh bataa


Ma room 102 in infy was one of the rarest things i had in INFY....we could get anything under the sky except our parents there at mysoe dc...and we had five star facilities in our rooms...daily replenishment of water,coffeeand tea,excellent house keeping..1 thing we rarely get in is our room...
                                              whenever we get time i an ma roomie used to make a whole lot of halla in our room..putting on music,and ma roomie is famous for her world famous pj's..i will list them in ma next posts...she is smart and talkative...even i dont get time to talk cos she has an account of all the things she has to say from that day morning till night..i get out of ma room at 6,30 am daily and get back by 12.30 dat was very hectic...and at the same time loads of fun..we could see the transformation from a college professional to an working professional....
                    the view from ma window was excellent..every morning and evening i used to go near the window and have a look outside and it felt like on the top of the world...every night i could hear a girl singing "give me some sunshine give me some rain ,give me another chance ,i wanna grow up 1ce again..."...and she used to shout and sing this every night...i still remember u girl whoever you are!!!!!!!!!


i feel so uncomforatable..may be its the climate of Gods Own Country that makes me feel horrible..rain came and went yesterday the atmosphere again got heated up..i had a longing for the fried items...but since am havin fever ma dad said a big NOOOOOOOOO.....but 2day its fish n d house 4 lunch...its been long since i had the meen puli made by ma mom...(special i could say)..and what to say to add spice to ma talks dad bought ulli pokkoda ma favourite..having those mind is singing now...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i have always heard of the bad world outside and was so curious to explore it..i had a taste of the so called bad world in the new place i explored...i saw how a human being got transformed into a self centred heartless creature in a matter of 1 hour...


i came back to kerala on 19th of march 2010...the new place has affected me so much that it gifted me am havin red beautiful spots all over ma body and face..fever is gone..isolated in ma room and feeling the hotty hotty climate of kerala i got the rescue of internet ma favourite and best friend,a book and a pen...but the red spots remain..they will also disappear the doctor said...beneath those red shiny spots i have a heavy heart which i will be pouring out in ma later posts..


I am back..and am hungry........the new place i was to gave me loads of experience and taught me i am back i would love to roll out everything i have been through..i am a much more matured individual now..a new woman i could say..