Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Procrastination..the word that I have loved all ma life and the one hated by my Amma..I used to procrastinate everything right from my school days and the same funda goes on and now it has reached to ma blogging also..There were many bright and top notch classmates of mine whom I have seen completing homeworks and assignments by the end of the day itself..I used to pity on them and  advise them in ma mind like "CMON MAN GET  A LIFE!!!!!! THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!"..This is ma list here..

1.I had decided that i would learn FRENCH online (NO NO not dat you meant naughty mind ; its FRENCH LANGUAGE)..
2.I had decided that i would finish reading "A Stranger in The Mirror " and "Memories of Midnight"
3.I had decided that i would do yoga or workout.

None of the three has transformed into action yet ...Hopes are still awake i guess ..


AritrY said...

Procrastination rocks!
Both the Sheldon books are awesome. Try reading "Tell Me Your Dreams" too.
good luck for the plans. and thanks for following me. :)

akd said...

I thought u were talking about French Wine !!!!!!

best of luck !!!!!!

sangita said...

@ARITRy:thanks alot :) :)

sangita said...

@akd: thank you dear :):)