Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When do a person  realize that he/she is very beautiful/handsome??When they have a nice haircut?When they get a facial done?When they dress up?when they feel happy?When they have good food and drinks?When they hang out?I think my case is very different..I feel so beautiful when i wake up  every time; be it morning or noon or night..The moment i wake up and see me in mirror i feel so happy,so beautiful..Its like all the  bad things have been washed away from me ..I feel like a beautiful and gentle soul......I feel like a lamb :) :)...I kiss in the virtual image of mine in the mirror and I say to myself  "heyy gorgeous you are the most beautiful woman in this world, I  LOV UUUUUUU" and I give loads of mwahmwahs in my image (many a times my dad and mom have seen this and they might have thought that I have turned into a lesbo :P :P ) and then I pull ma bubbly cheeks,make faces and say "googly woogly woosh " :)  :)  :)


astrosunilnomy said...

hmmm good one...it's really important to tell positive thoughts when we are just awake, it's like mind is fresh & good thoughts set your mood right for next few hours ! i don know may be being called beautiful matters to girls, i feel beautiful when someone appreciates my intellectuality...may not be beautiful but just feels warmth within :-)

sangita said...

@astrosunil: :) :)

micheeled said...

That looked so awesome. Would love to spend a weekend at the hotel with my 21 yr old daughter and a day just like yours at the Spa. It did look like heaven! Woosh