Saturday, May 15, 2010


As ma cousins had come from Chennai for the International Chess Tournament ma room was occupied by them…so I shifted to ma parent’s room as a refugee... The heat is unbearable here that I decided to sleep on the floor…Heat was keeping me off from sleeping…I felt like am put in an oven and made to bake...I stared upon the ceiling where trees and plants made scary images with their shadows as they moved with the breeze outside..I was feeling sleepy after sometime...Suddenly I heard “gurrrrrrrrrr gurrrrrrrr gurrrrrr”... I got up and looked around...The owner of the strange sound was ma acchan...

”accha …”I cried out..
acchan woke up and asked “what ?”
“You are snoring...I can’t sleep”
“Who? I? I am not snoring. You might have heard some other noise”

Telling that ma acchan again went to sleep...I closed ma eyes and now ma whole concentration was to find out where the noise came from...I lost ma sleep...I had ma ears sharpened …Walah..There came the “gurrr gurr”again...I woke up without making noise and switched on the lights...TADAAAAAAA...There was ma acchan sleeping, the proud owner of “gurrr”...I knew ma acchan won’t believe again, so I took his mobile and captured a snoring video and shouted “acchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”..Dad woke up rubbing his eyes...

“You are snoring again”
“Who? Me? No ways”
“I have the proof “
“What proof?”
“Just see this “

I handed him the mobile and he saw the video and he was going like “aaaaaaaaaah hmmmmmm huhhhhhhh”..Just then ma amma woke up and asked “what the hell is going on? Don’t you wish to sleep? Putting on lights at 1 am?? Sleep now”
I said “acchan is snoring; I couldn’t sleep “
Ma mom asked me “What if your husband snores every night when you sleep? What will you do? Wake up and ask him to stop it now and then????”
I answered “It’s as simple as that “
Dad asked “As simple as what? What would you tell him?”
Without a second thought I shouted “talaaq talaaq talaaq (divorce divorce divorce)...As simple as that “
Ma dad started laughing and told me “Nonsense kahikiiii...Go to sleep...I won’t snore”…..


Bikramjit said...

yesss easier said than done .. wait when it happens :)

DeepS said...

hilarious really ........ i could almost see that happen infront of my eyes ...