Saturday, May 01, 2010


I attended ma classmate's wedding a few days back..It was fun ..To be with our friends after a while,to meet classmates and see ma classmate as a bride ..The bride- groom were  so cute as they were very short..The guy could be 5 2" and the bride could be 4 11".. Running commentaries were  made on the cute couple..We really enjoyed the wedding..I was trying to have a snap of the couple as the photographers blocked ma view..Meanwhile a comment came from behind from ma friend like " Huh i feel like i have seen a child marriage"..We all laughed and we went for the photo sessions and the sadya after that..                                                   As soon as we finished our lunch,we felt terrible in the hot sun that too after a heavy lunch..We came out for some fresh air...The bride's sister and her friends were having fun too.Meanwhile a friend of hers came to her and asked " Lathika(name changed) Wat's ur friend's name?Is she in orkut ?"...We turned around to see the guy of 6th standard asking this...Mean while lathika replied.."Why don't you ask her directly?She is here na?"..And there were the romantic hero's friends' making noises..Meanwhile we had a glance at her friend..She was so shy that her face reddened,her hands making knots in  the chunni of her friend..HA HA..We felt so funny ..We laughed ..Meanwhile ma friend felt frustratingly sad ..
she:yaar in which class are they?
     i: I guess in 6 th standard..
she:6 th standard?And they started asking out for gals.?
     i: ha ha..why ?Even lkg and prekg students have girl friends these days...
she: How old am I ?
     i:   24!Why?what happened ?
she: Huh well...After seeing these ,I feel like I am 42!!!!!!!


Jidhu Jose said...

when this title changed to committed?

Gaurav said...

he he he...yeah thats true, even children have girlfriends nowadays

sangita said...

@Jidhu: haha??
@Gaurav:yup :):)