Saturday, May 15, 2010


Can you take me to a matrix world where I can see everything in three dimension?
Will you ask me again to walk over the burning coal saying that it won’t hurt if you have faith?
Will it hurt if your lips are sewed together with the thread of your life?
Will your heart beat even if its taken out from your body with ma hand?
Are you saying something now, or am I hallucinating?
Why are your eyes bleeding, have they drained out of tears?
What are you yelling at? Are you trying to say something?
Can’t u keep quite for god sake as I tell you,


R. Ramesh said...

omg too hard hitting yar..why what happnd friend??!!!

Bikramjit said...

matrix :- cant do that .. as far as i know that was all FICTION ...

walk on coal:- no , i dont ask people to do what I would not .. and faith or no faith I ain't testing it on burning COAL


nope did not say anything

they r bleeding ARE they i CANT SEee :)

not yelling either DO i dare do it even if i could :)

oops ok ha ha ha now i know why :)

Sorcerer said...

Hmm..Deep...Deep the words are.

"words attain the clarity when the mind does not"-Sorcerer

anamika said...

Sangeeta who are you mad at?:)