Friday, December 11, 2009


i am unable to sleep today..i don't know why..maybe its a Friday as Saturday is off for me...may be someone dear is thinking about me...well i am now thinking about my first job that i am into now......i am going to leave this job very soon ..probably by first week of January..i loved this job..and i can see a real difference in me before i got into this and now..those first days of my job ..whenever i closed my eyes i could see only excel spread sheets,target and schedule lists unfolding...... i just loved that ..the thrill of having responsibilities...the pride of having a good job ...the art of handling risks...the time management i cultivated .....the way my communication skills have improved..the excitement i felt when i received my first pay and the moment i handed over the same to my dad..its a feeling that nothing could give me so far stand on my feet.. ..and today is December 11Th..and already i feel a vague and weak heart in me...thinking of the day i am gonna say good bye to this job and the prime part good friends so far ..the way i had a true college life with the faculties and MD s there.....i swear i wont and cant forget you guys as each and everyone has left in me a true reflection of humanity,sincerity,cooperation and love... i am gonna miss u guys..................

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