Friday, December 25, 2009


On ma way home from my office with my colleague on 24 Th December 2009, we saw a crowd in front of a wall in the road..we paused there to see what was happening..we went closer to the crowd and saw a guy doing some damn good drawing on the wall..we were so excited to see such a work piece in the middle of the road...the man was using leaves for green color and charcoal for black..he was giving life to a typical village in Kerala...i took ma mob and absorbed a bit of his excellent work...the creativity he portrayed in his work was awesome...there were a loads of people who were astonished to see the guy's handwork...i was so shocked when i heard them saying that the guy is mentally upset..i looked at the guy..he was so shabby,dark with torn clothes,an murmuring something to himself..not knowing his great work was viewed in envy and curiosity by a lot of people ...i and ma colleague thanked God at the very moment...just imagine we couldn't even write on the exam paper when an invigilator stood in front of us..cos we were conscious...but to see this guy doing his work unaware of the world outside...there was traffic jam and block for several hours....God has blessed his hands...i realized this was the real magic..STREET MAGIC..

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