Thursday, March 01, 2012

Back to blogosphere ...

                                    We stay in the seventh floor .
Almost everyday ,from one of the flats in the sixth floor of my
apartment I do hear the cries , laughter ,complaints ,chit chats of a
naughty boy with his family. Though I haven' t seen him / his family ,
we , i and my amma have got used to his talks , the time when he comes
back from school , the time when he goes out playing , his complaints
to his mother aloud from the park about other boys not giving him
turns for swings,slides,merry go rounds etc have made him closer to us
.. I haven't seen him yet , but amma has seen him as once he had
complained to her ,thinking that amma is his friend's mother .
                                   Hmm..all these feelings towards
kids.. Like never before.. Why..You know the feeling when a person who
never ever noticed kids /children suddenly thinks about them.. For the
first time in her life , watches all the baby product advertisements
while surfing channels .. Yeah you guessed it right.. Am a mommy to be
now  :):):P.. So happy feeling with loads of excitement and curiosity
!! Pray for me friends .. Bless us for a healthy baby..No gender bias
for us  ..Praying for a healthy baby.. :) :)
Huh happiness at home .. When for the first time I got positive in my
urine test , I messaged V about it to which he replied "Yippeee am
excited " , when the gyno confirmed he is a dad to be , back home when
he asked me ' You know I feel all these film moments of pregnancy news
within couples are true ' and when he asked me " Uuhh should/can  i
lift you? " to which I said " hmm Yeah " and even he too started
watching baby commercials and responds " You know our kid would do all
these , jumping ,cuddling ,pooping and stuff .. " .. That's when I
realise how much the 'daddy to be ' phase he is in ..the dreams he has
mended for his blood, part of his being..his never ending talks about
the best diapers, pant style diapers , the chubby kiddo he saw in the
lift the day before, his colleague's kid stories ..he could go on and
Back home at Kerala , my inlaws , mom in law is the most excited woman
on being a acchamma (granny ) to be , my parents , amma took the next
flight to take care of me , has nothing in her mind except my food,my
sleep, my meds , ayurveda pre natal treatments , my needs , my
delivery , post delivery care etc etc ..Acchan asking me to take
protein, supplements , fibres etc... My cousins who all are new mommas
giving me tips and tricks to lose the baby fat I have put on ,exercise
I should do ,mode of delivery , docs to consult , friends asking me if
my tummy has bulged more , is the kid boy / girl , the feelings ,
vomiting , food ,docs etc ..HOH...You know the pressure that a
pregnant lady goes through.. So much a family expects a new member in
the family ..
And now back to me , I had vomiting till last month.. Now somewhat it
has subsided ..The days where I couldn't even gulp a cuppa water and
spent 3/4th of my office timings in the washroom... The physical
changes with the ugly pigmentation ..face covered with severe
pregnancy acne .. the sleepless nights where you struggle to get at
least half an hour nap, innumerous visits to the loo, the shifts in
positions to sleep , the worst leg cramps while you see your hubby
snoring,sleeping on his tummy , like a baby and do you know the angst
I get ..Then I make V to get up.. V gets up , searches for his specs
and then presses my legs ,and tells me " Aah now you are ok..go to
sleep..or else you will have swellings in your eyes tomorrow " ..and
he goes back to his sleep , i spend my night staring at the ceiling ,
praying to god to give me at least 1 hour sleep , the hungry pangs in
between and then back to back to vomiting...Still thinking all these
are for my baby.. Special feeling inside me.. The joy of being a momma
to be ... :) :)
The next day as usual the same story at office , at home, same nights
with much severe disturbance to V from me .. But luckily I have got
work from home option, I am working from home these days so thought of
getting back to my blogosphere... So here i am .. in ' Methods to my
madness ' ..
Pray for us friends ..Take care ..

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harman singh said...

the new mommy!!
...I can understand the excitement and fear at the same time,,its actually best time ..enjoy the time
and keep it as memory ..stay healthy and be happy..