Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to God's Own Country , Thoughts and news, My numbed Senses...

Oye...I have landed in
Kerala... God's own country...Journey was quite good...My fellow
passengers were very good and friendly...We had a good time chit
chatting with the aunties there... A post would be dedicated to them
later...Love you aunties for giving us such a good time and such a
comforting company throughout our journey...

The moment I reached
home, I got fresh and sat with the newspaper with a cup of tea...Read
an article about the Soumya murder case... Remember Soumya, a
23-year-old woman commuter of Ernakulam-Shoranur passenger train
(56608) found in an unconscious state in woods near the Vallathol
Nagar Railway Station on February 1 between 9-30 p.m. and 10 p.m by
one bloody b*****d , the one handed Govindachamy, 30, of
Virudhachalam in Cuddalore.On February 6, she became a memory, a
framed glass adorned with poomaalas , dhoopsticks, lighted lamps and
diyas ??? It had numbed the senses of all women in the country...I had
read about this incident when I was in Mumbai...

For days I used to
think about her , the financial situation of her family where she was
the only source of income...the irreplaceable loss to those parents
who might have not slept peacefully even for a night, her friends ,
her dreams she had waved for own house, much better job, better
tomorrow, her marriage, her kids ..Everything was shattered within 30
minutes of her journey back home to Shornur...All because of...What...
her non defensive act and inability to resist the beast ? The poor
safety precautions followed by the Railway authorities for women/
ladies? Cos she was in the deserted compartment, not able to pull the
chain in the train? So many questions ...Or only questions and
absolutely no proper answers...The only answer remains...She is no
more in this world and the murderer still lives in the Kannur central
jail serving the death sentence with a series of his comic acts
performed on a day to day basis...

He had observed fast
for about a day... It was broken by him, when the jail authorities
served the other jail mates mutton biriyani in front of his cell and
when he could no longer carry the fast...Anna Hazare in the making
ladies and gentlemen ??!! He is violent towards the authorities now
and even broke the attached camera, peed in the tumbler given for
having water and hurled it towards the authorities , act of suicide in
his dhoti , compulsion to be moved to Poojappura central jail, need
for his biriyani, and more performances in the coming days
..HMMM...What can I say...Another Kasab in the making?? My BP gets
higher...Shoot him with an AK 47 people...Hurl stones at that mad
dog!! Poison him!!Burn him alive!! Let him remember the cries of that
poor girl who would have begged him for letting her alive SPARE
HER, TO JUST LET HER LIVE!!! Let no one follow his footsteps...You
know why...the baby am about to give birth would have to face this
world...Not only me...All the babies, youth and the aged ..You guys
tell me how can I assure my baby's/ any baby's future/ safety in this
land?? This dog's own country...the land of beasts and man
hunters...the land of corruption, lame politics, black money ,flesh
trades, rape, murder and God..How come Kerala got its name Gods own
Country...You tell me...Where god's own daughters are not safe? Where
they can't travel fearlessly in a train for a night? Where parents
wait with a double pounding heart when their aged daughters don't get
back home by 6 PM? Where they can't go for late night shift jobs? Who
can't return from their jobs even during the day time??Tell me
people... Tell me God...I need an answer ... I am lost...Out of
words...Let me breathe for a while...

PS: 1. I understand friends, not only Kerala the entire world is Dog's
own country now... and like my mother says 'One man / woman can't
change the world..Even Anna Hazare ... '

2. I am not a feminist...Have not burnt bras/ have no intention of
doing it. Completely respect men and women equally...Firmly believes
in 'No man is complete w/o a woman & no woman is complete w/o a
man...Somehow, somewhere they have to be together in some spheres of
life ...'

Info Courtesy : The Hindu, Mathrubhumi , Manorama newspapers ..

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