Friday, January 08, 2010


R WAR ..i have been hearing about this for a while..war of religions..everybody says we are against religious discrimination bla bla bla..but will the same people indulge in activities of other religions or will they allow inter religious marriage for their kids?noooooooooooo...then why the useless words?yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????how can INDIA be a secular country if words are meant to be only words?huh..

anyways i am so happy that i met a girl of ma kind..i can say like minded..same choice..same likes and dislikes..she doesnt believe in any religious crap like me..i wondered how could she be the next me!!!!!!!an i am so happy that i found her and we discuss a lot about religions and castes..i can say i am so amazed at this gal's attitude and am moved know that there is someone other than you in this world just like you... u feel much stronger than before..and am feeling it now..

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