Sunday, January 10, 2010


(i had posted the original uncut version of ma preparations part 1.but its edited now as the censor board authorities asked me to..hehe..naa..its that ma friend advised me not to make ma blog cross the lines into vulgarity and therfore i have determined not to turn ma  blog into a controversial here i go with ma edited version..certified V/UA!!!!!!!!)

Ma preparation for the destination has a first part i had ma medical tests and service agreement signed..nothing irritates me like hospital environment and medical tests..but i had to cos the tests were mandatory...i went to the hospital and sat among 'expecting' mothers..went to the reception and enquired about the medical fitness tests..she gave me a list of all the tests 2 b done..and i was lead to the laboratory..smell of phenyl,antiseptics and medicines filled the air..i was given a bottle and commanded "go straight and turn right..use the bathroom"..i wondered what the hell she was blabbing about..blood test to be taken in a bathroom??..

i asked ma dad keeping the no:4 bottle in ma laughed and said "its 4 urine test dear"..hmmmm okies i got it..i went in search of the soon as i found 1 room which was supposed to be the bathroom i yelled "godddddddddddddddddddddddddd"...the condition of the bathroom made me go yuck could patients use it ??..the question haunted me..i finished that test and then was the blood test...i asked the attender who took the syringe "will it hurt?"..she smiled and said "a little"...a tight band was worn arond ma arms and den the syringe was pained damn.......she took ma blood..and the sample was transferred..

i came to the reception again and the receptionist said "next is the chest xray".. i and dad had to go the x ray and scan lab..i have never  taken x ray in ma life so far..and it was ma first chance..i was asked to get in to the lab..i followed the attender..there were 3 other lady attenders inside..a girl asked me to stand near the wall..i thought may be this is the way x ray is taken usually..but i was completely wrong...

then was the fiery experience..i was asked to stand facing the wall where a machine was scanning me...and ma hands were twisted in such a way that it literally tortured me..i thought of Tracy Whitney from Sidney Sheldon's 'if tomorrow comes' and how she was treated in prison..i felt humiliated the same way..''take your breath and hold your breath" someone said.. i did the same...and there came "yup.its finished"..hooo i took ma arms from the wall and walked to the room and changed first xray experience!!!!
BP was checked next and at last all after hours of BRUTAL AND WEIRD tests  i received ma report saying that i am FIT for the same ..

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