Saturday, February 16, 2013

Back with a lil Sangeetha !!

Huh it gives me sort of a nostalgic feeling ,returning to this blog, where I spend my sweat,tears and blood for about 2 years( Yesss I know its a bit clicheee) !! :P

So from here you all will get to know the flashback , yes the untold story from the month of my last post till now.No; will write about present phase of mine also, as this is my method of madness YAAR!

Ok here is the good news , on July 13 2012 I became a mom, yeah yeah Happy dance !!I know its a bit ok very late, but happy news is happy news naa..Lo muh meettta karooooo!

My lil one is called Anshika , we call her Lali at home :), now 7 months old, the jigar da tukda is very naughty and lovely :)

Huh what happend when I became a mom, changes yes definetely , lots of physical changes, saggy skin , bloated tummy,ugly strech marks,wash and run hair, chapped lips , all the time hunger pangs, those swollen eyes which could tell you the heart melting story of how I am unable to sleep uninterrupted even for a night!

Emotionally very much changed , the bold bindass avatar is faded yepp.. Now I have a ' melting moments mom' avatar not the blue 'Avatar' though , but you know the one who cries at all the emotional scenes of movie flicks thinking 'What if it were my kid?' , you got the picture isn't, right ?

My hubby , Uhh the once upon a hunk is a true dedicated dada, to his new girlfriend , don't stare , his baby :P, changing her diapers, taking care of her each and everytime he is at home, Poor thing he doesn't have time even for taking care of himself ,just like me.But one thing remains unchanged , his LOVE for me! Doubled, tripled or say millioned for me ,for which I am soooo PROUD ! Yay!

What was Valentine's day special ? What could be more special when you get to celebrate V -day everyday of your life Right ? Hmmmm!! :)

This reminds me of my ex-colleagues words to me ' Once you have a child, you won't have time for anything, not even for yourself ', how TRUE !!, feels like putting sugar in her mouth , Huh long live my friend whereever you are!

Where do I live ? Same place , in hot and happening Mumbai , but now have moved to a much crazier zone in this city of dreams ! :)

What do I do ? Have moved into a new profile post maternity leave ,so growing career wise as well. Plus shifting b/w diapers and laptop and oh yeah my kitchen :)

What is my age ? I am 25 now, Huh ageing gracefully I can say :P

Uhh ...please find here my lil munchkin's pic :)

And yes , a very gud news , have started a lil 'blog' of mine, which is called Bumps n Baby . Do check it out and feel free to hit the like button here :!/BumpsnBaby?fref=ts

What else ? Do let me know about how are things at your end ? All well ?

See you with more and more Khabar here ! Stay tuned for more !! :)