Thursday, February 24, 2011

yupp...happy birthday 2 meeee:0:)

“What fascinates you Sangeetha? What is that one thing you have struggled with? “.During a recruitment drive that took place recently here at my place, the judging panel member asked me all of a sudden his first question during the PI (personal interview).I spontaneously answered “LIFE …Ma life fascinates me a lot...And I have struggled with it “…That brought a serious look in the panel member’s face and he smiled and told me “Don’t be so philosophical Sangeetha ...You know life is… “And I said “I now it very well sir ...Life is not a bed of red roses”….And he uttered “Impressive!! Practical character you are I guess “….And yes I got through all the rounds and I got selected for the job. Happy news…Yayayayay…:):)

On 23rd February 2011, sitting on ma bed on a b’ day thinking of all that I have gone through…the ups and downs of ma life( I know there are many more to come)...the people whom I trusted, the people who supported me and also those who showed their true colors .taking this opportunity to thank everyone especially the blogger friends who always comment their minds out Thinking of the birthday I had last year, which was so filled of tears and sorrow and those self fought days...And this year ma birthday was celebrated in a new ambience ,a new life ,so much of love and care…Ever wondered how far life can take us ????

And yesss I turned 24…oh yeah I think according to ma month of birth…ahem! Loads of responsibilities and duties to perform…And am I thinking of getting old as day pass by? Naa...Noooo…But there is a secret pleasure that I enjoy when there are instances where someone says “oh ma gosh...U r married? So young you look!!!!!!! “And I feel like jumping from the top floor :):)


Harman said...

..Happy birthday Dear! and congrats for job!have loads of fun!!

Uncommon Sense said...

congrats,, and hapy bday.. may u lead an interesting life..